Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Approach to Stonefang Pass

No sooner had the party set upon the road again when an enormous tremor shook the very earth they stood on. Ghanash shouted for everyone to look out as he noticed rocks falling from the precipitous slope just the other side of the bridge - and not a moment too soon.

The party hurried along the path as soon as they regained their, by now, somewhat shattered composure.
"The sooner we are in the safety of the mountain pass the better, if you ask me." grumbled Bayern
"Saftey! With the earth shaking like that - you must be mad.". Velorian was not the only one who felt that way.

As they walked along, the path - which had already turned sharply to the left - now dropped rapidly so that they found themselves climbing down the face of a cliff with the waterfall majestically plunging to a enormous plunge-pool 200 feet below them.

At the bottom, there senses could not take in the next sight for some moments. On the other side of the waterfall, cut deep into the cliff face, were the monumental statues of two enormous giants. Carved straight out of the cliff itself by a skill unimaginable to those who saw it, thegiants seemed to be holding aloft the entire mountain itself.

And between them was the opening they had sought. Stonefang Pass. 160 feet high and 120 wide it was the most cavernous of mouths. They had been told that this pass continued for 20 or 30 miles through to the other side of the Ironwall mountains.

Awe-struck, the adventurers strode forward into the belly of Stonefang ....


  1. Thirty miles!
    In the dark?
    Let's see... Average walking speed of the Dwarf...
    Three miles an hour...
    How many Sun rods have we got?

  2. What? You are not confident around shadows? ;-)

  3. What, you have no Wizard with you?

    A lantern will burn for 8 hours using one pint of oil
    A sunrod just 2 I think.

    But, don't worry - I think you probably have enough sunrods and lanterns among you.

    YOu may even come across torches on bodies while down there ..

  4. And you shouldn't be. You never know what's lurking in them. Or who....

    Niema turns her back on you and smiles :)

  5. If I were you I'd be more concerned that there were earthquakes and you are descending into the depths of the earth ...

  6. Ghanash lashes his Everburning Torch to the haft of his axe.

    "Now you have plenty of shadows to hide within, Tiefling..."

  7. To his axe?

    -2 to hit


    only kidding

  8. Ghanash is fireproof. He could tie it to the back of his head!

  9. The entrance was big, but the tunnel itself narrows to a mere 40ft wide by 50ft high ;)