Thursday, November 18, 2010

Retracting the Fangs

Niema could feel her anger receding and her form turning back to normal while the spider in front of her fell to the floor. Pulling the sword out of the now lifeless body she whispered "May the Raven Queen grant you entrance!" and looked up. The eyes of Orestes and Ghanash were fixed on her, both staring at her in disbelief. She turned the sword back to a dagger, put it back into the sheath under her arm, closed her eyes while taking a deep breath and looked up.
"I'm sorry you had to see me like this. The blood of my ancestors is running deep in my veins and sometimes it is difficult to control in moments of anger. I apologise for losing my temper and hope you can forgive me!"
She brushed down her coat to get rid of the last signs of her transformation and started to bow towards the still speechless adventurers
"You fought with much skill and valour and I'm honoured to be allowed to travel with you!"
While coming up again, her hope was that the Dragonborn didn't see that the bow was directed mainly at the Half-Orc. Despite all her training in deception, she still could not force herself to bow to one of them.

When Verlorien's face appeared over the edge of the crevice she walked towards them and in a low voice and lowered head said "I'm very embarrassed that you had to see me like this. I would be grateful if we could leave the others blissfully ignorant? It is not the side of me I necessarily like others to know about!"
She respectfully nodded to both of them and following the shadow link between Ghanash and Velorien to step out of Verloriens shadow at the top.


  1. Begone evil demon!
    Begone queen of lies!
    Consort of Belial!
    Spawn of Lucifer!
    Pustulant blister of sinfulness!

    What do you mean Vogir was two miles back and didn't see a thing?

  2. A few corrections:
    1. It should be "Begone unaligned demon",
    2. I would prefer "Begone queen of little untruths". "Lie" is such a harsh word
    3. Belial is quite good looking, but seems to have a horrible taste when it comes to women. So unfortunately no! :)
    4. Don't know the name of my father so can't rule Lucifer out for sure
    5. Postulant? Didn't I mention my graduation ceremony? ;-)

    And yes, I'm apparently talking to the air in between me and Vogir! There seems to be lots of it :D

  3. Shouting now across the distance…

    'Begone treacherous and disloyal demon!
    Begone queen of fibs!
    Consort of devilishly handsome Azazel!
    Spawn of absent father Beelzebub!
    Pustulant swollen pimple of excrement!'

  4. Niema, good-looking as ever, teleports out of the crevice. "Who the %&$ are you talking to?"


  5. Bayern sighed. He'd thought that his time spent serving in the Ironfounder Clan's medical corps had exposed him to every conceivable injury that could be encountered in combat. Burning, electrocuting, arcane trauma, nectrotic rotting - Bayern thought he'd seen it all. However, the ever-inventive Vogir might show him a new one: getting shanked by your own team-mate's shadow.

    Walking over to the bickering party-members, Bayern tries to defuse the situation. "Vogir! This tiefling has done nothing to provoke you! On the contrary, she has fought alongside us today and defended some of us from these damnable cave beasts!" Gesturing to the fresh corpses surrounding the party, the dwarf continues, "I learned long ago to look more closely at a person's actions than the gods they choose to serve - it would be prudent of you to do the same!" Changing his eyes and tone of voice from harsh to gruffly comforting, the dwarf concludes, "Now, come over here and let me treat these wounds of yours."

    After he leads Vogir a safe distance away, the dwarf mutters to his friend, "As I just said, keep a sharp eye on her."


    Also... What wounds?

  7. Orestes shakes his head, muttering under his breath.
    "Those non-humans, always stirring up trouble."

  8. Niema winked at Vogir as the dwarf leads him away "I can show you a lot more actions if you need something to look closely!"

  9. Vogir (and I) shudder with revulsion.

  10. Oh, come on! Don't be such a human :D

  11. You've probably got cooties!