Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aporkalypse: Starter and Antipasti

The head of Reggie McGammon's head rolled past Famine's feet and he followed it with his eyes for a while before looking at Death. His friend had an evil grin while he licked the blood of his fullblade "Tastes like chicken!" It had only taken him one hit to slice the Halfling in two and Famine could tell that Death now was on a mission.
Pestilence just moved round the corner to look at the first dead opponent when she could see the wizard appearing behind Death in the distance. A magic force orb hit death from the side who roared with rage. Famine started to run around the corner towards the Deva and could also see War moving the same direction. The Deva had made the mistake to stay away from his comrades and presented an easy target.
A javelin shot past Famine's face and he could see the Goliath appearing in between the trees together with the cleric. He could see Pestilence's eagle darting down but the Deva managed to avoid its claws. Famine just thought that they have to get to the Wizard before his friends could when he heard a roar from behind coming closer. Coming closer very fast!! Famine smiled when Death flew past him with a roar while bringing down his sword, planting his fullblade deeply in the Wizard's body. Before Famine could catch up, Death had brought his sword down three times, the Wizard's body lying shattered on the ground in front of him. Famine could see the Deva was still breathing and quickly finished him off with his broadsword. "My kill!"
He smiled at Death who had his blade still raised above his head for the final blow, his bloodshot eyes fixed on Famine in disbelief!

His attention was only diverted when a divine burst from the cleric exploded around Death. Both fighters looked towards the already retreating dwarf and saw Francis Bacon charging towards them. His weapon missed Death who still tried to shake off the effects of the clerics attack. Death demonstratively ignoring the attack from the massive fighter looked over to Famine "This one is mine!" Famine bowed and pointed his hand towards the attacker.
"Be my guest! There seems to be enough meat for both of us!"

[Warpigs lost the rogue and the wizard who both only got one attack of which only the wizard's hit Death. The cleric is 15 squares away, the Goliath is next to Famine and Death with Pestilence and War in range . Team Apokalypse is fully healed again next turn and apart from Pestilence all still have their action point and most major powers remaining. Chances are, they won't be late for dinner! All get a turn before the fighter's turn....]


  1. :} Good lord, Sven, you'd think the sun comes up because you crow!

    To be fair, your team is doing quite well in our game, but I think it's mainly because I'm awful at controlling mine! After I read up the rules for how these classes are best played, I'm going to have to do some rematches...

  2. The Halfling and the Deva down with no damaged done to team Apocalypse?
    The Goliath standing between the enemy Warlord and Raging Barbarian?
    The Dwarven healer retreating away from his last surviving ally?

    ... OK, I don't understand this at all.

  3. Well, Josh I could try not to one morning and we just see :) But don't blame me then for standing in the dark!

  4. And Kirk, the Deva did damage but Pestilence was quick to heal that. Admittedly, Josh had absolutely no luck with his rolls!! So far he has missed 2/3rds of his attacks with rolls below 5.....

    And I don't have a Warlord! I have a Warden :) Not that this fact makes the Goliath's situation any better....